The impossible has just been done on a Snowboard: VIDEO PROOF

Only Double Ejection on a SNOWBOARD Ever caught on film

The impossible has happened! Video Proof that a double ejection can indeed happen on a snowboard.

Is a double ejection even possible on the snowboard? the answer is yes

Some say it couldn’t be done but this video is proof that a double ejection on a snowboard can actually happen. To make a snowboard do this 2X binding break is unheard of and dangerous.

I (Trailer Tom) have been snowboarding for 15 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.

I was in the backcountry of Colorado snowboarding with my good friends Brent Meyer and Jeff Meyer when this amazing thing that most people said was impossible actually happened. I’m thankful Jeff did not get hurt on this crash because usually, when you wipe out on your snowboard your still attached to your snowboard, and there’s not a lot a risk of twisting a knee as compared to twisting a knee while skiing.

Brent and Jeff also have clocked over 15 years on their snowboards and they can both testify that this has never happened of them, nor have they even seen anything like this, nor have they ever heard of anything like this. A double ejection on the snowboard is just unheard of because both your feet are attached to your bindings and the bindings are screwed another snowboard.

Snowboarding differs than skiing in this fashion because skis are designed to release, as opposed to a snowboard that is designed to stay stationary once you are strapped in to your bindings.

Never say never and nothing is impossible.

Professional snowboarder Jeff Meyer hit a backcountry kicker, does a backside 720, and then it happened, and actual double ejection on a snowboard.

The sound of both of Jeff’s snowboard bindings simultaneously exploding his incredible.

I could not believe my eyes. Here is the conversation that took place immediately after the event double ejection…

Brent Meyer: ” are you okay?”

Jeff Meyer: ” Yes!”

Brent Meyer:” Oh. My. God…. I have never in my life seen that, (asking Trailer Tom Did you get that”?

Trailer Tom: “Yep!”

Jeff Meyer : (waves his feet freely in the air with the only remains of the snowboard bindings Still attached to his boots)

Brent Meyer:” I know!”

Jeff Meyer:” Double Ejection!”

Brent Meyer:” Whole. Lee. Crap!”

Trailer Tom:” hey Jeff, hold those up again, “(referring to Jeff’s snowboard boots that are no longer attached to his bindings)

Jeff Meyer: (still in awe of what just happened) “WOW!”

After the crash Jeff Meyer examines the damage. His snowboard bindings were completely shattered at the base plates. The snowboard bindings and snowboard deck were less than a year old so its not like they were just really really old and brittle set up.

Jeff it hit the jump a couple at times that day previously to this double rejection. The twofold binding explosion is definitely something I doubt I will ever witness again.

It’s rare enough for a binding to break but twice instantaneously having both findings explode in this fashion is mind blowing. It certainly double trouble when your knees are exposed to twisting are definitely vulnerable at this point after a dynamite type explosion cracks all the way through your bindings. The possibility is very rare what are the odds. Definitely a slippery slope.

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