Trailer Tom and Ffej Knar Christmas Snowboarding Pinball Musical Special 2015

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Cover:

“You know Kanpton and Meyer, Nate Dogggg and Otterstrom.
Stetta, Mateo, Donavan and Bowen.

But do you recall, the most famous pinball snowboarder of all?

Ffej and Trailer the pinball snowboarders, had a very shiny nose grab. And if you ever sawnted it, you would even say it glows.

All of their friends on social media, used to laugh at all their posts. They never youth that Facebook, would shut down their awesome as frig games.

Then one snowy Christmas Eve, the trailer park supervisor came to say, Ffej and trailer I know that cash is tight, no rent due for you tonight.

Then all the trailer park residence loved them, as they shouted out with glee, Ffej and Trailer the pinball snowboarders, once again you have made history !!

On sunday December 16,2015 Ffej Knar and Trailer Tom met at the top of loveland pass to film a Christmas Special. Ffej came up with some text for cardboard signs that the duo could use while hitchhiking.

The signs read:
1) X-Mas Gnome Saynin?
2) Wendy’s Frosty the Snow Mange
3) Merry Christmas From Trailer and FFej
4) For Lease Navi Dad

Trailer had a “Santa On A Reindeer” costume and Ffej wore his Denver Broncos Coat and the filing began around 7:30am. It was very windy and cold at the top of LovelandPass, but as the morning rolled on the sun came out and the wind died down.

Snowboarding powder in a Santa On A Reindeer suit is not that easy.
The GoPro batteries did not last long in the cold, but the snow was great and the tracks were fraysh and only about 5 other people were riding the pass that early in the morning.

The first ride Ffej and Tom were thankful to get was from a guy that was heading to Arapahoe Basin that had just driven up from Denver in his pick up Truck, he was a Bronco fan that went to the game the previous Sunday.

The Second ride was from a hippy couple, she lived in Boulder and he lived in Golden and they were heading to Keystone for the day.

Ffej did some nice jumps and log slide jibs and pow turns. Trailer did a small rock drop and a couple log slides for the Xmas Vidjya 2015 vidjya.


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