PinPin 360 Pinball Location Rating: Cruisers Bar Grand Junction, CO Review

YouTube Preview ImageCruisers Bar information as of January 8, 2018


Address: 715 Horizon Dr #100, Grand Junction, CO 81506
Hours: 3PM–2AM

Phone: (970) 314-2554

Trailer Tom Played AC/DC pinball and World Poker Tour Pinball at Cruisers and rates the location. 360 pinball location review

Pinball Location Rating System:

There is no exacting science or complex algorithm employed to come up with my scale of 1-10 Pinball locations ratings.

I go off what games are Available and how well the games play, atmosphere, Pinball technician service maintenance frequency, and price. Just because somewhere is the best known location in town doesn’t mean that I will rank it any higher than it should be. With 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

If a location. Is better than 4 but not quite good enough to be a 5 it may revive a rating of 4.5 Creative scale of 1-10 “units of measurement” that pertain to the video are used for fun. … here we go…

0. I’m not sure how a location could be bad enough to receive a rating of zero. Maybe none of the games work or they all steal your quarters or they use pinball machines for firewood. It would have to be an absolutely terrible experience. Zero is on this list in the event that a location deserves a rating of less than 1.

1. This would be in the realm of false advertising the location offers Pinball when it actually only has video games. If your options are playing a pinball game on your smart device while in this location or play a video game a 1 would be a possible rating.

2. At least one pinball machine. These locations would be similar to a 1 but having fewer drawbacks such as a yawn inspiring game list such as only one or two neglected and broken games in a dark corner matched with an unwelcoming but not down right rude staff. A really great location could be sucked down to this rating if it does something like replace a pinball machine with a golden tee golf game or do not know the difference between Pinball, ping pong, and foosball.

3. At least 1 Pinball machine. Here we start to have a mix of Pinball games to play. There could be some good working games to play, but there would need to be another reason to visit other than only to play Pinball. Maybe this place is in a convenient location such as an airport or hotel lobby a restaurant or bar or amusement park.

4. At least 2 Pinball machines. More and more locations are starting to become 4’s with the spreading love of well maintained pinball machines. Often places have some decent machines but they are neglected by operators. The reason this location will be a four is that it just doesn’t stand out of the norm that most locations walllow in. People’s love of social interaction and bar games keep these places open to gamers because, if you want to go out and play games you have to go somewhere but the games are not a priority. Possibly no change machine so you have to go searching for quarters or bring your own.

5. At least 3 Pinball machines. These locations are nothing special. You want to like them but something isn’t there that needs to be. Maybe they have a few of great games but an unknowledgeable staff mixed with games that see little or no service maintenance.
Possibly they just don’t have enough space dedicated to Pinball to make you want to come back regularly but they do offer something appealing.

6. At least 4 Pinball machines. For a location to make it to the rating of 6 it is going to be close to doing everything right. Although they might not be exceptional they do have a mix of pinball machines, atmosphere, Pinball service maintenance schedule, or at least games that are serviced on occasion so the games are clean and work well.
These are the kinds of locations that you are glad to have spent time in but wouldn’t go out of your way to come back to because you are frustrated that the location would be so amazing if they just serviced their machines instead of slapping an out of order sign on them for months at a time.

7. At least 5 pinball machines. Here you have started to hit the jackpot! They have not only almost everything you expect in a good Pinball location but, they do it well. They aren’t the absolute best location but you want to go there and look forward to going back.
If you lived close by you could possibly be a regular and would tell people about how it is the best location around. The games are serviced on a routine schedule and new games arrive at least once a year.

8. At least 6 Pinball machines. So close to the top but not quite there only because of one missing element. A location that is the kind of place that you love to go to and have no real complaints about.
Despite it being everything you want all the intangibles of the location don’t quite brew together to be a 9. They do or could host Pinball tournaments.

9. At least 7 pinball machines. Super jackpot! Games are serviced regularly and the newest machines are at this location within a few months after they are released. They have a change machine. They have Pinball tournaments.
They have Pinball parties. They promote the sport of Pinball. They have at least one of your favorite titles. A great place where “pin heads” gather frequently so you always have a chance to see and old or make a new “pin pal”.

10. 20 or more Pinball machines. The best of the best. Everything a 9 has and is plus more. Double Super jackpot locations that give you an amazing experience, great Pinball, a Pinball loving staff, and well maintained machines. People that are not excited about Pinball still enjoy going and playing some pinball at these locations. Places where you would travel a day or more to experience.
Some of the best pinball players in the world have played Pinball tournaments here on multiple occasions. These are the best Pinball locations in the world and you can just feel it in the air.
Pinball service technicians are on location or within 30 minutes (or standard pizza delivery time for the area). There are plenty of locations that are 10s around the world and you’ll know if you step foot in one because they are so memorable. A must visit for any Pinball fan.

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