PinPin 360 Pinball Location Rating: Glenwood Springs Brew Garden (360 video)

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PinPin 360 Pinball Location Rating: Glenwood Springs Brew Garden

Address: 115 6th St, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Phone: (970) 945-1005


Review Date 1-9-18

The bartender Fain Henderson was really welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks Fane!!

Trailer Tom plays Johnny Mnemonic (Williams, 1995) pinball machine, and Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern, 2006) pinball machine.

Located just west of the Hotel Colorado off the main Glenwood Springs exit, Glenwood Springs Brew Garden offers an exciting selection of craft beer, artisan wine, cider and mead, complete with an an arcade of multi-cades and pinball. 

They have gourmet sodas and root beer floats from the
Back Yard Soda Co. 
Sit and sip at the main bar, enjoy the arcade games inside, and enjoy fresh air and sunshine with music & games on the patio.

Pinball Location Rating System:

There is no exacting science or complex algorithm employed to come up with my scale of 1-10 Pinball locations ratings.

I go off what games are Available and how well the games play, atmosphere, Pinball technician service maintenance frequency, and price. Just because somewhere is the best known location in town doesn’t mean that I will rank it any higher than it should be. With 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

If a location. Is better than 4 but not quite good enough to be a 5 it may revive a rating of 4.5 Creative scale of 1-10 “units of measurement” that pertain to the video are used for fun. … here we go…

3. At least 1 Pinball machine. Here we start to have a mix of Pinball games to play. There could be some good working games to play, but there would need to be another reason to visit other than only to play Pinball. Maybe this place is in a convenient location such as an airport or hotel lobby a restaurant or bar or amusement park.

4. At least 2 Pinball machines. More and more locations are starting to become 4’s with the spreading love of well maintained pinball machines. Often places have some decent machines but they are neglected by operators. The reason this location will be a four is that it just doesn’t stand out of the norm that most locations walllow in. People’s love of social interaction and bar games keep these places open to gamers because, if you want to go out and play games you have to go somewhere but the games are not a priority. Possibly no change machine so you have to go searching for quarters or bring your own.

Glenwood Springs Brew Garden pinball

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