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Flipperspiel Wunderland Las Vegas PinPin 360 Pinball Location Rating Video.

Name: Flipperspiel Underground Arcade Club

Address: 6000 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: (702) 721-8248

website: http://vegaspinball.com/

Review Saturday 1-20-18

Trailer Tom tours flipperspiel and rates the pinball location a perfect 10.0

The Flipperspiel Underground Arcade Club is a not-for-profit social club that is currently being formed under Section 501(c)(7) of the United States Tax Code.  The club is created for people who are looking for a different classic arcade experience than the one you might find at barcades or typical route locations.  The club house includes a variety of classic arcade video games and pinball machines as well some classic consoles.  Everything is set to free play and members can come in and play as much as they want.
The Underground is not just a place to play, but it is also a place where you can just hang out and relax, surrounded by friends and your favorite arcade memories.  There are cold drinks in the fridge, ice cream and frozen snacks in the freezer.  Order a bite from the next door bar and grill next door or bring in your to-go order from the many convenient restaurants that are nearby.  This is a social place where you can make friends, have fun, and just get away from the stress of the outside world.
One of the goals of this club is to focus on friendly competition and reward those who play well.  We will offer regular tournaments that will be open to the public, but with discounted entry fees for club members.  Get a high score and we will post it on our score board.  Weekly score challenges will be available on a variety of games, including those on classic consoles.  There are prizes and/or trophies for those who come out on top.
There are many exciting things yet to come that have not been mentioned here that you will want to be a part of.  The Flipperspiel Underground Arcade Club is not just an arcade, it’s a community, a destination, a good-time, and a place where you belong and become an important part of something larger.  Stop in for a free tour and to see what we have to offer.

Pinball Location Rating System:

There is no exacting science or complex algorithm employed to come up with my scale of 1-10 Pinball locations ratings.

I go off what games are Available and how well the games play, atmosphere, Pinball technician service maintenance frequency, and price. Just because somewhere is the best known location in town doesn’t mean that I will rank it any higher than it should be. With 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

If a location. Is better than 4 but not quite good enough to be a 5 it may revive a rating of 4.5 Creative scale of 1-10 “units of measurement” that pertain to the video are used for fun. … here we go…

9. At least 7 pinball machines. Super jackpot! Games are serviced regularly and the newest machines are at this location within a few months after they are released. They have a change machine. They have Pinball tournaments.
They have Pinball parties. They promote the sport of Pinball. They have at least one of your favorite titles. A great place where “pin heads” gather frequently so you always have a chance to see and old or make a new “pin pal”.

10. 20 or more Pinball machines. The best of the best. Everything a 9 has and is plus more. Double Super jackpot locations that give you an amazing experience, great Pinball, a Pinball loving staff, and well maintained machines. People that are not excited about Pinball still enjoy going and playing some pinball at these locations. Places where you would travel a day or more to experience.
Some of the best pinball players in the world have played Pinball tournaments here on multiple occasions. These are the best Pinball locations in the world and you can just feel it in the air.
Pinball service technicians are on location or within 30 minutes (or standard pizza delivery time for the area). There are plenty of locations that are 10s around the world and you’ll know if you step foot in one because they are so memorable. A must visit for any Pinball fan.

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