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Pinball Hall of Fame Las Vegas PinPin 360 Pinball Location Rating Video.

Name: Pinball Hall of Fame

Address: 1610 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: 702) 597-262



Review 1-20-18

Trailer Tom plays pinball at the pinball hall of fame.

Wow what a great pinball experience!

I met some of the staff that takes pride in well working arcade games and it shows. The games were as cherry as could be. Both Metallica and Game of Thrones played great.

All the games in the arcade were in top notch working order. Very impressive line up of arcade and air hockey and crane games.

Freemont arecade is in a great location right near one end of the infamous Freemont Street in Las Vegas so there is plenty to do for the the family in and around this arcade.

Pinball Location Rating System:

There is no exacting science or complex algorithm employed to come up with my scale of 1-10 Pinball locations ratings.

I go off what games are Available and how well the games play, atmosphere, Pinball technician service maintenance frequency, and price. Just because somewhere is the best known location in town doesn’t mean that I will rank it any higher than it should be. With 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

If a location. Is better than 4 but not quite good enough to be a 5 it may revive a rating of 4.5 Creative scale of 1-10 “units of measurement” that pertain to the video are used for fun. … here we go…

9. At least 7 pinball machines. Super jackpot! Games are serviced regularly and the newest machines are at this location within a few months after they are released. They have a change machine. They have Pinball tournaments.
They have Pinball parties. They promote the sport of Pinball. They have at least one of your favorite titles. A great place where “pin heads” gather frequently so you always have a chance to see and old or make a new “pin pal”.

10. 20 or more Pinball machines. The best of the best. Everything a 9 has and is plus more. Double Super jackpot locations that give you an amazing experience, great Pinball, a Pinball loving staff, and well maintained machines. People that are not excited about Pinball still enjoy going and playing some pinball at these locations. Places where you would travel a day or more to experience.
Some of the best pinball players in the world have played Pinball tournaments here on multiple occasions. These are the best Pinball locations in the world and you can just feel it in the air.
Pinball service technicians are on location or within 30 minutes (or standard pizza delivery time for the area). There are plenty of locations that are 10s around the world and you’ll know if you step foot in one because they are so memorable. A must visit for any Pinball fan.

The Pinball Hall of Fame. How did it start? Well it was the dream of Michigan’s Tim Arnold, and one that he made come true.
I remember when Tim started telling the story of how he wanted to open a pinball museum, and we all made fun of him. “Yea sure Tim, you just need a place to store all your pinball machines!” Well to a degree that was true, but it also was a bit unfair. So let’s start at the beginning.
Tim started operating pinballs games in the Lansing Michigan area when he was just 16 years old in 1972. Tim was a very avid pinball player, and knew all the tricks to “beating the game”. This is when Tim bought his first used pinball, and soon realized every kid in the neighborhood wanted to play it. Being the capitalistic punk that we was, Tim decided to charge 10cents a game in his garage. Though I’m sure that didn’t go well with his friend, Tim decided to upscale that and actually put his machine out in the public for coin use. This mushroomed into him buying more used games, learning to fix them, and putting them out in laundry mats and grocery stores for coin play.
By September 1976, Tim opened Pinball Pete’s in Lansing (and later in Ann Arbor), as a large pinball arcade. His arcades were hugely popular, partially because of Tim’s management, and partially because of luck. The late 1970s was the hey-day of coin operation, as video games were soon to make huge money for their owners. By 1982, Tim (and his brother/partner) were shoveling quarters into 5 gallon pails, and taking them to the bank. Tim told me once, “in the early 1980s you could have a pile of dog crap hooked up to a video monitor, and people would put a quarter in it for play.”
But in 1990 Tim made a change. He sold his interest in the Michigan arcades to his younger brother Ted and moved to Las Vegas as ‘retirement’. And his collection of nearly 1000 pinball machines made the move to Las Vegas also. Tim never “lived like a rock star”, always watching his pennies and saving his money. But he decided he could go one step further, and make his Las Vegas pinball machines help the less fortunate in his community.
Tim collected masses of pinball games as a operator in Michigan. Tim says, “The local distributor would only give us $50 credit if we traded in an old game.” Tim treated his equipment well and just could not bare having them scraped for $50 credit. So he kept all the old machines he grew up with, operated, and loved. The problem was, this made his pinball collection one of the largest in the world. Where do you store 1000 pinball machines?

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