7th Annual PinPin Women Only Pinball Tournament Las Vegas PHoF details

7th Annual PinPin Women Only Pinball Tournament Las Vegas PHoF

1st place is a brand new in box Stern Pinball Machine shipped to you, plus a trophy!

2nd place= Cash plus trophy
3rd place =Cash plus trophy

This years tournament will take place on Saturday May 26, 2018.

Here are more details…

-PinPin Women’s Only Pinball Tournament-

What : Girls Only Pinball Tournament

When/Date: Saturday, May 26, 2018

What Time: Arrive at the Pinball hall of Fame to check in at 11:00am Tournament Starts at Noon on Saturday, May 26, 2018

Registration: Registration will take place at the Pinball Hall of Fame day of the tournament. Possibly some pre-registartion during the PinPin Open (Men and Women) tourney on May 25, 2018

Who can enter: Female Competitors ONLY. An open men and women’s tournament will be held on Friday the day before this women’s only event (also at the PHoF).

Where: Pinball Hall of Fame
1610 E. Tropicana
Las Vegas NV 89119

Format: Double Elimination

Entry Fee: $40.00 Plus cost of games played** 40 bucks gets you into the tournament, and some “PinPin” Pinball film Swag upon arrival at the tournament while supplies last.

**(Players pay out of their own pocket for every game they play in the tournament. )
Format: Double Elimination.
Games: All Pinball Games at Pinball Hall of Fame can be used in the tournament. Must be a pinball machine (flippers and steel ball) that is able to keep score See this link for a list of games:

How it works: To begin the tournament, players are randomly matched up for one-on-one rounds, by drawing names out of a hat. Each round is best 2 out of 3.

Each round will begin with a coin flip. Ultimately the coin flip will result in what player will pick “A and what player will pick “B”. The winner of the coin flip will have first choice of A,B, or C; Loser gets second leftover choice of A or B.
A= what machine will be played,
B= order of play (going first or second),
C=pass your choice to the other person. (to have your opponent make first choice)

The LOSER of each game played during the best 2 out of 3 round, gets first choice of again, A,B, or C. The WINNER of each game played during the best 2 out of 3 round gets second leftover choice of again A or B.

You are only allowed to pick your “favorite machine” one time throughout the tournament. In other words, throughout the tournament players can not pick the same pinball machine twice, and players have to pick an open machine to play. No picking your “ace in the hole” machine over and over and over again.

Example: If Tom chooses to play Attack From Mars, Tom can not CHOOSE Attack From Mars for the remainder of the tournament. Tom could end up playing Attack From Mars later in the tournament if Toms opponent were to choose Attack From Mars.

Extra Balls: Will be plunged and not played. No flipping, before or after ball is plunged. You can line up a skill shot with the plunger, but no flipping before ball is launched.

Only 3 balls per game will be scored: Some of the pinball machines have 5 balls per play. To speed up the pace of the tournament, only 3 balls out of the 5 balls will be scored to determine the winner of the match. (some older games have 5 balls, some of the new Sterns at the Pinball Hall of Fame are set to 5 balls)

Final Round: During the final round the winner of the losers bracket will play the winner of the winners bracket. The winner of the losers bracket must beat the winner of the winners bracket TWICE (must win 2 whole ROUNDS) to win 1st place in the tournament.

In this format, even if you loose every time you step up to a machine you will at very least get to play 4 times in the tournament.

During tournament play for purposes of Player Conduct, Machine Malfunction, Stuck Balls, Errors, or Rulings, all final decisions will be made on a case by case basis by Tournament director and host Trailer Tom.

You may play the best ball of your life and your score may not count, due to game malfunction. As the saying goes “That’s pinball” and keep in mind we are playing games that are “on location”.

P.S. Tournament Rule notes/updates for this year are as follows….


The limitation of games to 3 balls (5 ball games will only be scored to end of ball 3) is still in effect.

No kind of “have to pick an EM Electro-Mechanical” rule

There is now a ONE MINUTE time limit on making your selection of game. Must play an open game (no waiting for your favorite machine)

In the unlikely event that the tournament can not be completed by the time the PHoF closes on Saturday, the tournament will spill over into the next day.

Slam tilt will most likely result in the player that committed the slam tilt to lose and the player that did not slam tilt to win unless an obvious machine malfunction occurred.

Games may not work 100% so if a game becomes unplayable during at match, a new game may have to be selected.

Pay close attention that you are playing your ball and not your opponents ball, and make sure you are not playing your extra ball. If you do play another players ball or your extra ball (even if by mistake) you will most likely lose the game you are playing by default. Again this will be on a case-by-case basis as sometimes a play through can be worked out.

On Site Methods of payment:
1) Cash and only Cash- Will be accepted during on-site registration and is our only available method of payment.

Any Questions please contact
Tom Miller “Trailer Tom”
email: trailertom@hotmail.com
Women only Vegas Pinball Tournament Flyer 7

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