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Pinball. Snowboarding. Film. Passion.

This website is all about dedication to bringing my two greatest passions to life through film production, with the support and ingenuity of the PinPin Team. If you are engulfed by the world of snowboarding or pinball, you can visit this site to learn about the most up-to-date and incredible moments in snowboarding and pinball.   You’ve come to the right place is you enjoy any of the categories below.  I encourage you to explore this website and to learn more about pinball, snowboarding, and why we do what  do.






Check out the pinball section of this website to view a pinball showcase of player biographies and videos. The clips and short film productions (by Trailer Tom and friends) featured on this site reveal who the pinball champions really are and how their  high scores can be attempted and tricks can be mastered…   Keep reading the pinball section to learn about and how to apply different pinball playing techniques. This high-skill, intensely-practiced sport is sure to grab your attention: a classic game turned extreme-underground phenomenon, pinball players are serious and prove that it takes a lot to become a true pinball wizard!




For me, snowboarding is way life. Click the snowboarding section to see videos from own my own life experiences on the slopes. Besides filming, editing, and producing snowboarding clips, I also include detailed accounts about the context of the scene, the riders, and locations we were filming,  so that you can truly feel the ultimate snowboarding experience. I will continually update with snowboarding film productions and explanations. Save this site to your search bar to never miss out on any new videos I post!




I know that film is by far the best medium to capture the proficiency and talent that goes into both pinball and snowboarding. The camera allows any ready videographer to catch momentary action that is never repeated in the same exact way.  Pinball is the quickest game around, and to be able to catch the motions of the player and the ball, to be watched and studied over and over again, is priceless.  It really helps you become a better player fast to watch the best play.  Our videos show any viewer the accurate playing and distinct moves of any pinball champion.  The motions and techniques of a snowboarding trick or jump can be repeated, but never in precisely the same way our crew does it. My video clips are time capsules for great moments and memories in snowboarding that will never occur again.




Pinball is not just a game. Snowboarding is not just a sport.  This site is about the dedication and talent that goes into honing the skills to be great at each.   Myself and the PinPin Team produces films for pinball and snowboarding to stoke out the adrenaline junkie audience.

We are members of the same crowd that visits our site and watches our videos, and you are invited to join us.


My self and the PinPin Team knows the game of pinball and the sport of snowboarding sport we do both. We know the players and boarders because we, are hem, hang with them, study them, and we show appreciation for their expertise by filming their feats. 

The Trailer Tom PinPin Team started as group of friends centered around our similar interests. We starting taking those interests seriously, and believe it is our mission to bring current mind-blowing tricks and video clips to your attention through this website.


Minimum Wage Entertainment is based out of Breckenridge Colorado and was started by Trailer Tom and friends.  (Minimum Wage Entertianment is the official name of the Production Company that released the PINPIN series of snowboard and pinball films.)


It was officially established in the year 2000 by a close family of friends that enjoyed the activities involved with snowboarding and the film making process. The crew has released at least one film every season since it began and is proud of the fact that company is still run by all the same individuals that founded it. This would not have been possible without the help of new friends, team members, and supporters the crew has joined forces with along the way. The crew as grown in many ways over the course of the years and the documentation of this growth has come to light with the progression of each new film. The PinPin team wants you to have as much fun watching these films as the crew had making them. The production companies goal is to provide maximum ENTERTAINMENT at a cost that is affordable even at the MINIMUM WAGE income level.

Thanks for your Support!

Trailer Tom and….
– The PinPin Team –

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